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Board Certified Family Law Texas Board Of Legal Specialization


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Brad Morris is well familiar with the variety of issues that families face and the different ways of addressing and resolving those issues. Whether you face the loss of an intimate relationship, need help raising children, need contact with your children, or need to divide assets accumulated during a marriage, you need someone who can listen, suggest an approach to solving the situation and then be steadfast in reaching a resolution.

Brad Morris practices Family Law and has been doing so in Houston and Fort Bend Counties, for 33 years. After 17 years of general civil practice, including Family Law, Brad served as Associate Judge for almost 4 years, in one of the Harris County Family District Courts in the late 90’s. Following that service Brad devoted his practice exclusively to Family Law: Litigation, Mediation, Collaborative Law and most recently, Early Peaceable Resolution.


Obtaining a court’s help is the last way to resolve a family dispute, but sometimes, it’s the only way. Brad Morris is familiar with the courts and knows how to navigate that system. As a Board Certified Family Lawyer and former family court Associate Judge he is familiar with what information judges need to hear and how to prepare a case for that event. He believes that being well prepared for a contested trial is the best way to avoid one. So if negotiation is not successful, let the court decide.


Mediation is mandatory in all family cases in Harris and surrounding counties. It is a process that has saved countless dollars and stress for people living in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Brad believes that parents know each other and their children better than anyone else and should always resolve their cases outside the courthouse when able to do so. He has settled many cases in mediation in which both lawyers were absolutely sure that the case could not and would not settle. The parties, with the advice of their attorney, agree on an experienced family law attorney who has been trained in the special skills of identifying interests of the parties. That mediator is able to help the parties focus on those interests to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution of their case.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is beginning to be a well-respected family dispute resolution process. The parties to a dispute agree, at the beginning, to resolve their dispute outside the courthouse. They do so by meeting with their attorneys and otherwise trained helpers such as, if needed, financial experts and family conflict experts to work out an agreement that will end the fight. The court is kept out of the process, to give the parties a safe place and a workable schedule to settle their case. Brad Morris believes that collaboration is a powerful tool that can be used in any case where the parties prefer to keep their private and emotional and financial affairs out of the sight of the courts and the public and want to avoid the expense and stress of a court fight.

Early Amicable Resolution

Did you know that you and your spouse or partner or other parent have the right to work out an agreement that resolves all family issues BEFORE either of you hire attorneys. You can meet with Brad Morris, as a mediator to help both of you work through your specific situations, study and consider alternative solutions, and agree to all terms that would need to be included in a court order. The cost of that process can be a great savings to both parties, the process is entirely confidential, and can be as slow or fast as you want. Either party can then hire an attorney to prepare both a petition to be filed in family court and an Agreed Order that will finalize that case. No court hearings, no expensive discovery, no depositions, no tears, no anger. You will both be able to show your children and your friends and family that despite your differences, you respect and care for each other, and each wants the best for the other.